Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

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Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., often referred to simply as Nissan, stands as a distinguished Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer with a storied legacy that spans numerous decades. Its inception in 1933 marked the beginning of a journey that has led it to prominence in the automotive industry. Nestled in Yokohama, Japan, Nissan has evolved into a globally recognized leader, crafting a diverse portfolio of vehicles tailored to meet the unique demands of various markets and customer preferences worldwide،In this article we will learn about Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

What is the Y62 Patrol car?

The Y62 Patrol, also recognized as the Nissan Patrol Y62, is a full-sized SUV crafted by the renowned Japanese automaker, Nissan. It is an integral part of the enduring Nissan Patrol series, which has been in continuous production since the 1950s, earning a reputation for its outstanding off-road prowess and unwavering durability.

Unveiled in 2010, the Y62 Patrol signifies the sixth evolution within the Nissan Patrol lineage, signifying a significant departure from its predecessors with notable enhancements in both design and technology. It boasts a contemporary and opulent aesthetic, positioning it as a premium SUV when contrasted with its earlier, more rugged Patrol predecessors.

Among the notable attributes of the Y62 Patrol, one can find a robust V8 engine, a suite of advanced safety and technological innovations, a capacious and plush interior, and an array of off-road capabilities. However, it is worth noting that in certain markets, it is often utilized more as a luxurious family SUV rather than being pushed to its off-roading limits. It’s important to acknowledge that my knowledge is based on data available up to September 2021, and developments or modifications to the Y62 Patrol or its successors may have occurred since that time.

Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan
Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

What are the specifications of Y62 Patrol?


The specifications of the Nissan Y62 Patrol can exhibit variations contingent upon the particular model year and trim level. Automakers frequently implement updates and alterations from one year to the next. Nonetheless, I can furnish you with a general summary of the specifications typically associated with the Y62 Patrol as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. Please bear in mind that there might have been subsequent updates or revisions. Here are some standard specifications:

Engine Options: The Y62 Patrol is frequently outfitted with a V8 engine. The precise engine displacement and power output can differ but generally falls within the range of 5.6 liters, yielding power outputs spanning approximately 400 to 450 horsepower contingent on the trim level.

Transmission: It is usually coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission, although the precise transmission setup may diverge in specific markets.

Drive System: The Y62 Patrol commonly showcases a full-time four-wheel-drive system, affording off-road capabilities and enhanced traction across diverse driving conditions.

Seating Capacity: Depending on the trim level and configuration, the Y62 Patrol can accommodate up to 7 or 8 passengers, featuring a three-row seating arrangement.

Interior Features: It presents a commodious and opulent interior incorporating various luxury elements, including leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, advanced infotainment systems, and a premium sound system.

Off-Road Capabilities: The Y62 Patrol has a well-established reputation for its off-road prowess, incorporating attributes such as a sturdy suspension system, four-wheel-drive modes, and advanced traction control systems.

Safety Features: Contemporary Y62 Patrol models are typically equipped with an array of cutting-edge safety features, encompassing adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and more.

Fuel Efficiency: Fuel efficiency fluctuates depending on the engine and driving conditions but generally falls within the lower spectrum for large SUVs. Combined fuel economy figures usually average around 13-15 miles per gallon (MPG) in the United States.

Cargo Capacity: The Y62 Patrol typically provides a generous amount of cargo space, with the ability to fold down the rear seats to expand the cargo area for accommodating larger items.

Towing Capacity: It frequently boasts a substantial towing capacity, enabling the hauling of trailers, boats, or other hefty loads. The precise capacity hinges on the specific model and configuration but can often surpass 8,000 pounds (3,600 kilograms).

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Y62 Patrol external appearance

the Nissan Y62 Patrol boasted a distinctive and robust exterior design that cleverly blended contemporary SUV aesthetics with some classic SUV styling cues. However, it’s essential to note that the precise exterior features and designs could differ depending on the trim level and regional specifications. Here are key elements defining its external appearance:

Front Fascia: The front end of the Y62 Patrol typically showcased a bold and commanding grille adorned with Nissan’s iconic V-motion design. This grille was often flanked by sizable and angular LED headlights, and some versions featured a chrome finish, lending a touch of sophistication to the SUV’s overall appearance. The front fascia exuded an assertive and powerful presence.

Body: The body of the Y62 Patrol was characterized by clean, muscular lines and a robust, squared-off profile. Wide fenders and prominent wheel arches were common, enhancing its rugged and sturdy aesthetic. On select trims, chrome accents adorned elements such as door handles, window surrounds, and side mirrors.

Roof Rails: Many Y62 Patrol models came equipped with roof rails, enhancing its practicality and offering options for carrying extra cargo or sports equipment on the roof.

Wheels: Depending on the trim level, the Y62 Patrol could be fitted with sizable alloy wheels, often ranging from 18 to 20 inches or even larger. These wheels not only elevated its visual appeal but also contributed to its off-road capabilities.

Side Steps: To facilitate entry and exit from the vehicle, side steps were often incorporated. These not only served a functional purpose but also added a rugged and utilitarian touch to the exterior.

Rear Design: The rear of the Y62 Patrol typically featured distinctive LED taillights. On some models, a spare tire might be mounted on the rear door, embracing a traditional SUV aesthetic.

Off-Road Features: In certain variants, off-road-specific features like front and rear skid plates were available. These not only shielded the undercarriage but also reinforced its off-road identity.

Paint Options: Nissan usually offered an array of exterior paint colors, providing a range of shades to cater to various tastes and preferences.


Y62 patrol interior

 the interior of the Nissan Y62 Patrol nissan patrol y62  was renowned for its expansive and opulent design, providing passengers with a comfortable and meticulously appointed cabin. However, it’s essential to recognize that interior attributes and configurations may exhibit variances contingent upon the chosen trim level and regional specifications. Here is a comprehensive glimpse into the interior of the Y62 Patrol:

Seating: The Y62 Patrol typically accommodated seating for up to 7 or 8 passengers, contingent upon the trim level and chosen configuration. Seating arrangements were characterized by plush and comfortable features, with the availability of luxurious leather upholstery on higher-tier trims. In select models, heated and ventilated seats heightened passenger comfort, ensuring a pleasant journey.

Infotainment System: An advanced infotainment system was standard fare, featuring a touchscreen display that varied in size depending on the chosen trim. These screens were generally spacious and user-friendly, offering functionalities such as navigation, seamless smartphone integration (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility), Bluetooth connectivity, and often an integrated premium sound system to enhance the audio experience.

Climate Control: Dual-zone or even tri-zone automatic climate control systems were frequently integrated, affording passengers the convenience of setting their preferred temperature levels for a personalized in-cabin environment.

Interior Materials: Elevated trims often embraced top-tier materials throughout the cabin, encompassing elegant wood accents, supple soft-touch surfaces, and premium finishes, contributing to an ambiance of luxury and refinement.

Steering Wheel and Controls: The multifunctional steering wheel was a common feature, equipped with intuitive controls for audio, phone, and cruise control, ensuring convenience and ease of operation. The instrument cluster typically showcased a clear and informative display.

Storage and Cargo Space: The Y62 Patrol typically offered an abundance of storage options, including a capacious center console, generously-sized door pockets, and strategically positioned cupholders. Rear seat configurations often permitted the expansion of the cargo area when required.

Off-Road Features: Acknowledging its reputation as an off-road capable vehicle, some variants of the Y62 Patrol incorporated specialized off-road features and controls. These provisions enabled drivers to tailor settings for various terrains, enhancing its versatility.

Sunroof: Numerous models boasted either a panoramic sunroof or a standard-sized sunroof, fostering an open and airy ambiance while allowing natural light to permeate the cabin.

Safety Features: Depending on the chosen trim level, the Y62 Patrol frequently came equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features. These encompassed adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and collision mitigation systems, promoting both driver confidence and passenger safety.

Interior Lighting: Ambient interior lighting was occasionally featured, affording passengers the ability to customize the cabin lighting to their individual preferences, further enhancing the overall in-cabin experience.

Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan
Learn about the amazing specifications of the Y62 Patrol, which has an attractive character from Nissan

Maximum speed y62 patrol

The maximum velocity attainable by a Nissan Y62 Patrol can fluctuate, contingent upon a multitude of factors, encompassing the precise model, engine specifications, and any electronic speed restrictions or regional regulations in effect. Nevertheless, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, numerous Y62 Patrol iterations were subject to electronic speed limiters, capping their maximum speed at approximately 130 to 155 miles per hour (around 209 to 250 kilometers per hour).

It is imperative to emphasize that surpassing established speed limits and engaging in high-speed driving can be perilous and is frequently prohibited on public roadways. It is always imperative to comply with local speed regulations and prioritize safety when operating a vehicle. Moreover, please bear in mind that particulars regarding speed limitations for a particular Y62 Patrol model may have evolved since my last update. To obtain the most up-to-date information concerning the maximum speed of a specific Y62 Patrol variant, I recommend consulting the vehicle’s owner’s manual or reaching out to Nissan or a Nissan dealership.


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